Un programme d'activité physique pour améliorer la qualité de vie et réduire la fatigue dans le cancer du sein métastatique

Essai clinique

Type : Académique
Statut : Ouvert
Phase : IV
Date d'ouverture : 24/06/2020
Date clôture : 30/06/2024
Promoteur : Centre Leon Berard
Progression du cancer: Loco-régional
Résumé :

INTRODUCTION: Patients with a metastatic breast cancer suffer from a deteriorated quality of life and numerous symptoms such as pain, severe fatigue and a decrease of their physical fitness. As the feasibility of a physical activity program has been demonstrated in this population, ABLE02 aims to assess the efficacy of a 6 month-physical activity program based on connected devices to improve health-related quality of life and to reduce fatigue in women with metastatic breast cancer.

METHODS/ANALYSIS: ABLE02 is a prospective, multicenter, randomized, controlled and, open-label study. 244 patients with a metastatic breast cancer , at least one positive hormone receptor and a first-line chemotherapy planned will be randomly assigned (1:1 ratio) to: (i) the intervention arm to receive physical activity recommendations, an activity tracker to wear 24 hours a day during the whole intervention (6 months) with at least three walking sessions weekly and quizzes to answer each week on physical activity and nutrition (ii) the control arm to receive physical activity recommendations only. Assessments will be conducted at baseline, M3, M6, M12 and M18 to evaluate the clinical, physical, biological and psychological parameters and survival of participants. All questionnaires will be completed on a dedicated application.

DISCUSSION: An activity program based on smartphone application linked to an activity tracker may help to improve quality of life and reduce fatigue of patients with a metastatic breast cancer. The growth of e-health offers the opportunity to get real-time data as well as improving patient empowerment in order to change long-term behaviors.

Domaines/spécialités :
  • Cancer du sein
Pathologies :
  • Tumeur maligne du sein - Cim10 : C50
Liens externes :

Critères de population

Sexe : Femme
Age minimum : 18 ans
Critères d’inclusion :
  • 1) female,
  • 2) ≥ 18 years old,
  • 3) histologically confirmed metastatic breast cancer, with at least one positive hormone receptor (HR+) and HER2-,
  • 4) first-line chemotherapy planned (or until 1 month after the chemotherapy has started) with intravenous (Paclitaxel or Doxorubicin or Cyclophosphamide or Carboplatin) or per os (Capecitabine or Vinorelbine) administration - NB : a patient who has previously received one or more lines of hormone therapy and who must start a 1st line of chemotherapy is eligible,
  • 5) Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) Performance status ≤ 2,
  • 6) life expectancy ≥ 3 months,
  • 7) willing to be involved throughout the study,
  • 8) ability to practice a adapted physical activity (APA) certified by a medical certificate issued by the referring oncologist or the clinical investigator,
  • 9) using a compatible smartphone or Tablet PC to download the application ABLE02 and Withings Health Mate (from iOS 10 and android 6.0 and more recent),
  • 10) Internet access,
  • 11) valid health insurance affiliation,
  • 12) able to read, write and understand French.
Critères d’exclusion :
  • 1) presence of unstable bone metastases or unconsolidated pathological fractures,
  • 2) presence of central nervous system involvement with neurological deficits that prevent from walking,
  • 3) presence of a history or co-existence of other primary cancer (except of in situ cancer regardless of the site and/or basal cell skin cancer and/or non-mammary cancer in complete remission for more than 5 years),
  • 4) severe undernutrition (HAS) (i.e. for women ≤ 70 years old: a weight loss of ≥ 15% in 6 months or ≥10% in 1 month and for women over 70 years old: a weight loss of ≥ 15% in 6 months or ≥10% in 1 month, and body mass index <18 kg/m²),
  • 5) presenting a PA contraindication (e.g., uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled heart disease),
  • 6) concurrent participation in another PA study,
  • 7) unable to be followed for medical, social, family, geographical or psychological reasons throughout the study,
  • 8) deprived of liberty by judicial or administrative decision,
  • 9) pregnant.

Centres d'investigation

Nom : Centre Georges François Leclerc - CGFL
Ville : DIJON (21)
Prénom : Didier
Téléphone : Non disponible
Email : dmayeur@cgfl.fr
Nom : BARD
Prénom : Aurore
Téléphone : 03 80 73 77 51
Email : adrouhin@cgfl.fr
En cours
Nom : Institut Jean Godinot
Ville : REIMS
Aucun responsable médical renseigné
Prénom : Sandrine
Téléphone : 03 26 50 44 85
Email : sandrine.meunier@reims.unicancer.fr

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